Learn from real life stories of financial mistakes, mishaps and obstacles

on the way to building a retirement lifestyle.

Retirement today has changed – now, it’s a retirement lifestyle.


It’s not everyday you get to hear it straight from folks, as familiar as your family and neighbors, their own unique dilemmas and advantages when it comes to saving for retirement. Some were well prepared emotionally or financially, but rarely both, and some were neither.

Retiring in Turbulent Times, is written in a distinctly personal tone, far different than the usual abstract financial advice book. The nine stories told from the viewpoints of real people in real retirement situations, breaks down the walls of mystery to saving, investing and building for retirement.

Learn and reflect on common life choices, over-sights, mistakes, intuitions, disciplines and achievements to which many can relate. 

Meet Scott J. Wardell CFP® and Author

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This book was written with the salt of the earth values and integrity typically found in the Midwest. As a tried and true Minnesotan, in his 35-plus years in the financial services industry, Scott Wardell CFP®, has advised and guided hundreds of clients to retirement. Having witnessed the changes in the retirement journey, Scott asks honest questions and gives straight answers about real retirement and the retirement lifestyle.

Special thanks to contributing writer, Brian Lambert, a Twin Cities-based journalist, twice voted “Best Columnist at a Local Daily”.  Brian’s articles can be found at www.minnpost.com.

What readers are saying

To read Retiring in Turbulent Times is to encounter timeless financial advice wrapped in kitchen table wisdom.  The stories, the triumphs and mistakes of everyday folks are told with great empathy and insight.  Through the lives of others and Wardell’s insightful commentary I learned a great deal about myself and how to approach my own financial situation.  I never thought reading about finances could be so thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring!

 – Fred Mandell PhD | CEO and Founder – artchangesleaders.org

Movers & Shakers: Scott Wardell, wealth adviser, writes Retiring in Turbulent Times

“I wanted to show how people can retire with a little bit of adaptation and creativity, and that it isn’t all about how much they had saved for retirement… a big part of the book is to provide people with some hope.”

 – Star Tribune

Movers & Shakers: Scott Wardell